Today's buyers and sellers have more choices than ever when it comes to brokerage options. Over the past two decades, the hybrid discount brokerages have become a more significant part of the real estate landscape. We are not only a hybrid brokerage, we also offer realtor classes on how to become a real estate broker in Minneapolis.

Still, they have been unsuccessful in gaining substantial market share from the big-box brands. For the Realtor's who choose to work for a hybrid brokerage, there are several benefits, one of which is having a majority of their client business provided by the brokerage. Naturally, the growth of the hybrid model will, in part, depend on adoption by Realtors who understand that although their fee structure can save buyers and sellers a substantial amount of money, those cost savings reduce the agent's earning potential. Although the hybrid model has established itself in the industry, it has yet to see wide acceptance by consumers who, in large part, are not ready to let go of the traditional real estate model.

Explore Real Estate offers realtor classes in Minneapolis on how to become a real estate broker, and at the same time, functions as a hybrid for realtors.